Saturday, October 30, 2010

Butt Cracks and Burgers at Meister's Bar and Grill

Dear Friends,

I hate being the only cook in the crypt.  So, I took the night off and grabbed a greasy (in a good way) cheeseburger at one of my favorite lube joints and enjoyed a well deserved case of severe heartburn (that's the best way to tell if a burger is great) at Meister's Bar and Grill in Stillwater, Minnesota, an iconic family-run neighborhood bar where everybody knows your name by the size of your butt-crack on the bar stools.  If only those red shag carpeted walls could talk. 

These burgers aren't for the heart-healthy, fat-free crowd that runs and confesses to their cardiologist like a priest in a confessional booth every time some fat goes near their skinny lips.  Nor, are they for the gourmet bunch that loves to squander forty dollars on a Kobe beef burger because they can trace the beast's linage back to ancient Japan. 

Meister Burger 

 Meister's Bar and Grill makes good old fashioned cheese burgers fried on top of a nickel grill and topped with a tasty and salty slice of good old american cheese, the only kind that should ever adorn a classic burger.  It's served on a fresh soft bun that soaks up all of the yummy drippings before its runs down your chin.  And yes, I did spend a sleepless night sitting upright in bed fighting acid reflux and to all you cardiologists out there, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Lets Do Lunch,


P. S.
Meister's Bar and Grill also serves the best deep fried mushrooms

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