Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Perfect Meal, Popovers and Walleye Pike

Dear Friends,

I went to dinner with some partners-in-crime on Saturday night and enjoyed the perfect Minnesota meal, walleye pike and popovers.  The best way to enjoy walleye is over a camp fire in the north-woods after a day of fishing Minnesota's pristine lakes, but for those of us who aren't camp-worthy, Axel's, an upscale supper club in Chanhassen, Minnesota is the next best thing.  If you haven't tasted walleye pike before, it's a mild fresh-water fish that can be pan or deep fried or broiled and drizzled with melted butter and topped with toasted almonds.  

The large fillet is rolled in Ritz-cracker crumbs, an old stand-bye favorite from way back when, then pan-fried and served with a compound butter seasoned with onion and garlic powder and salt and pepper, adding richness to the cracker crumbs and giving the mild fish an added demension.  As you can see below, it came with potatoes in Alfredo sauce that tasted like raw flour (everything can't be perfect) and crisp-cooked green beans.  The best thing about it?  No fishing poles required.    

Now, on to the popovers, the colossal golden brown puff balls are served piping hot with two kinds of butters, cinnamon and plain.  When split open the steam escapes and the lovely center is revealed like a Faberge' egg.  Clumps of moist egg-rich dough cling to the crisp shell creating peaks and valleys perfect to slather and capture the melting butter.  Need I say more?   

Gone Fishing,


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