Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stranger Danger and Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches at the Cross Roads Cafe

Dear Friends,

I just returned from a frozen two-day trip road to the resort town of Minocqua, in northern Wisconsin.  On the way we stopped for lunch at one of our favorite haunts, the Cross Roads Cafe in Cameron, Wisconsin where as you can see below, their claim to fame is their famous hot roast beef sandwich.  The fork-tender beef arrives steaming hot with a rich well-seasoned beef gravy draped over a pile of thick mashed potatoes on top of fresh white bread, you know the kind the we're not suppose to eat or enjoy but some of us foodies still secretly love and keep a stash in the privacy of our homes.  It's the perfect meal on a frigid winter's day in January.  


I found out on my northern trek that the term stranger danger doesn't apply to just kids and perverts anymore.  I stupidly believed that because the Crossroads Cafe is just a skid mark off the highway that mostly locals frequent was the last place that taking photos of food and the building would cause consternation with the management.  WRONG!   As it turns out, strangers with cameras attract a lot of attention in them there hills.  Evil stares from the help, customers turning completely around in their chairs reminiscent of the head- spinning scene in The Exorcist movie, and the owner running outside without a jacket or headgear on a subzero day demanding to know why we were taking pictures of the building.  When told I was writing a food blog about his famous hot roast beef sandwiches, his eyes glassed over and I thought he was going to drop on the ground and belly-up like a hound dog looking to have its belly scratched.  It turns out it was a look of relief.  He thought we were snapping photos for a pending law suit and he didn't give a hoot about a food blog or even had a clue what it was.  So, for the rest of the trip I always asked permission to take photos and the friendly people of the north land were more than happy to oblige.

Ask and you will be rewarded,


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