Friday, April 15, 2011

Chicken Every Sunday Makes Tasty Leftovers

Creamy Poblano Chicken Served Over Puff Pastry Shells

Dear Friends,

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways like this slight variation on chicken ala king.  I found this recipe in a 1998 Annual Southern Living Cookbook that I bought for a buck at a garage sale.  For those of you that find it repulsive to go to garage sales and pick through a stranger's junk I urge you to try it sometime. True, the majority of garage sales have an over abundance of stained kids clothes and grotesque plastic toys that have seen better days.  If you get there early with a mindset of a warrior (take no prisoners) because you'll have to battle it out with all the other serious scavengers you might discover a treasure you didn't realize that you needed like my Southern Living Cookbook.  It's chock full of fabulous, fattening, recipes.  Those Southerners know how to eat.  Now, you may think chicken ala king is a tired, old fashioned dish but it doesn't have to be if you use the recipe below for inspiration.

As always, I goosed it up a bit and changed some of the ingredients.

Leftover chicken, about 2 cups (make sure you don't eat it all on Sunday or buy a larger bird)
Saute an onion or shallot or whatever kind of pungent bulb you have on hand with three cloves of garlic. The recipe called for a couple of poblano peppers seeded and diced but I didn't have any so I tossed in a small can of roasted green chilies instead.

Add chicken (you know enough to chop it up, right?)
1 can of cream of chicken or mushroom soup or combo (whatever trips your trigger)
8oz-sour cream
8oz-cheddar cheese stir until melted

I wanted to tart it up so I sauteed a handful of shiitake mushrooms for added texture along with shredded carrots and defrosted peas for color.

I served it over puff pastry shells but any carbohydrate delivery system will do, waffles, cornbread, biscuits, whatever.  It made enough for six servings.  For the booze hounds out there, add a splash Sherry or Marsala at the end.

Sliced tomatoes on the side makes a complete meal

Remember, Chicken Every Sunday,

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