Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prime Cut

Dear Friends,

I was making a steak last night and while I was rubbing it with olive oil and salt I thought of this poem I wrote a very long time ago.

               PRIME CUT

A good looking man is like a prime cut of meat
better look now because he won't keep
he's a New York Strip, meaty and thick
salty and succulent, you give him a lick.
His tenderloin waits, ready and rare
a steak that's been broiled, handle with care.
Butt like a rump roast that's tied up tight,
rub him with olive oil until he's just right.
He's a fresh piece of meat, instead of aged beef
that's toughened and dried, brings no relief.
Old men are like beef ribs fleshy and fat,
lumpy and larded like a pot roast that sat.
So, when looking at men with beef on their buns
make sure they are young and still can have fun.

Here's to a good piece of meat,


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