Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Wisconsin Road Trip, Bountiful Feasts and Beautiful Scenery

Jen's vintage Alpine Cafe, Baraboo, Wisconsin
Hello Friends,

I'm Back!  Why have I been away so long, you ask?  I just didn't feel like sharing my food addicted life for a while.  But, after a three day jaunt to Wisconsin dairy country and beyond, I'm rejuvenated and want back in the sand box and play nice, nice once again.  I'm still a little blog rusty and only took pictures of the interior of this way-cool cafe.  I can assure you the food was cafe-worthy, hot meat loaf sandwich draped with gravy over thick mashed potatoes and a tender and tasty house-made corn beef hash brisket with buttery golden diced potatoes.  It definitely filled up the old feedbag and kept us going for a few hours until dinner time.  After all,  I'm on this road trip for one reason only, WISCONSIN SUPPER CLUBS!  

When is the last you saw a sign like this?

Time to go for now.  I'll be back later and fill you in on some of the best Italian food this side of New Jersey.

Keep on eating,


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