Friday, August 5, 2011

Sushi, Jazz and Ice Cream Balls

Patio at Shanghai Bistro

Dear Friends,

The HEAT has finally tapered off this week or, at the very least the jungle heat, that thick, unbelievable inferno that envelopes your body and soul and sucks all the life out of you.   I jumped at a chance to escape the constant humming of the air conditioner in my home.  It makes me feel like I'm careening endlessly through outer space on the spaceship Enterprise without that hot Captain Kirk and his kinky-looking sidekick, Doctor Spock.  I ventured untethered from the mother ship and went out and ate sushi at Shanghai Bistro in beautiful downtown Stillwater, Minnesota under the stars and listened to jazz and ended the meal with mango ice cream balls wrapped in rice paper.

 I started with a frosty Japanese beer of course.

Japanese Sapporo beer, dry and delicious

Soft jazz trio

Ten varieties of sushi and California rolls

Seaweed Salad and Field Greens, it looks like mermaid food

Here it is with the infamous Wasabi Horseradish, guaranteed to clean out your nasal cavities faster the a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon

Mango Ice Cream Balls

Remember,  on a sultry summer evening, can the barbecue and go for the sushi,  Japanese beer and ice cream balls, not necessarily in that order.



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